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Massage from the President

Seoul International Invention Fair
SIIF 는 전문적인경험과 지식을 가지고 있으며
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Message from the President

Technology innovation can provide Korea with the opportunity to improve its global status and to become a prosperous nation despite limited natural resources.

Inventing and patenting exceptional technologies is essential for a knowledge-based society. When these outstanding technologies are acknowledged in foreign markets, Korea's international status will grow. As a result, it will bring further prosperity and well-being to the people.

The Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) is an organization specialized in promoting the nation's intellectual property rights and commercializing patent technology under Article 52 of the Invention Promotion Act. KIPA strives to fulfill its mission by implementing projects in the interest of inventors through an efficient system.

We have actualized a number of invention promotion projects that will create an environment conducive to innovation, heighten people's drive for inventing, support funding for superior inventions, commercialize patented technologies, train human resources on intellectual property rights, and develop sales markets for patented products.

We at KIPA will continue to do our best to usher in the era where every Korean participates in the campaign of "One Person with One Invention." In conjunction with our constant efforts, we ask for your continued interest and encouragement to build a better future together.

Thank you.

Joonho Koh 
Korea Invention Promotion Association

SIIF 2020 Seoul International Ivention Fair 2020
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