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Seoul International Invention Fair
SIIF 는 전문적인경험과 지식을 가지고 있으며
성공적인 발명전시회를 개최할 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.
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Title Notice for SIIF2011 Preferred Applicants
Writer 관리자 Date 2011-08-04 Hit 3493

Dear honorable inventors,


First of all, I genuinely appreciate your cooperation with the 6th Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) in 2010. Thanks to your support the event was a huge success as Korea’s most extensive invention-related exhibition ever.


SIIF 2010 brought in 651 inventions on exhibit from 36 countries making it one of the greatest exhibitions relevant to invention around the world. I look forward to your participation again in SIIF 2011 which is sure to be even more successful than ever before.


This year, please be informed that SIIF2011 will be held 1st to 4th Dec. in Coex and we will put our best efforts forward to find concerned buyers, perform technology transfers, provide investment counseling and attract investors for all inventions in wake of what we organized at the invention match pavilion for the first time in SIIF2010. Based upon the success we had last year, we are preparing a wider variety of services at an even larger, more comprehensive pavilion which will surely prove to be useful for all inventors who take part in this opportunity.


Even though the official deadline is October 11, if you surely send us promotional materials and entry forms containing information on what inventions you intend on displaying at SIIF 2011 in advance, we will introduce your inventions to domestic investors, buyers and other related personnel free of charge. We will then help you meet those interested in your inventions at SIIF 2011 in person for further discussion.


I hope to see you and your inventions at SIIF 2011.


Sincerely yours,




Choi Jong-hyub


Korea Invention Promotion Association

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이전글 Next Notice for SIIF2010 Peferred Aapplicants
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